The Opposites Train (39152)

The Opposites Train

  • This educational aid provides a convenient platform for learning the Opposites by putting them into 5 coloured trains complete with engine, eight carriages and the guard’s wagon. Conveying the concept on a on a fun and playful platform is a more effective vehicle for communication of this important topic.
  • 40 Pairs of opposites are solved by self-correcting jigsaw edges. The Opposites are classified in five trains according to the following attributes.
    1. I act  – which signifies action
    2. I place – which shows positions
    3. I look –  refers to appearance and emotions
    4. I am – signifies dimension, size and number
    5. It is –  refers to a state, or time etc..
  • The Opposite pairs comprise these themes and have been accordingly colour coded. So, all the 5 trains are in these 5 colours – each with eight pairs of jigsaw puzzle opposites in their carriages.
  • Fun play for this puzzle set can start at an early age for a child wherein the child connects the engines, carriages and the guards van puzzle pieces of the same colour, or even mixing the colours.
  • The educational aspect can then be initiated when the child makes the matched opposite pairs by checking the puzzle piece colours and then fitting the appropriate jigs. Each pair will resemble a train carriage and the child then connects all of them in any order as the connecting jigs are universal.
  • The child can complete all the 5 trains with eight carriages according to the opposite attributes.
  • These multidimensional play possibilities, provides the child with an indelible learning experience.
  • The Opposites Train is a fun journey in which the child not only learns and comprehends 40 pairs of Opposites, but is also able to figure out the subtle differences in the 5 classifications.
  • An exciting extension of this unique aid is that children can play a memory game and get not only more familiar with the Opposite pairs, but also improve their memory. As each pair of the correct opposites forms a train carriage, the objective of this game is to form as many carriages.
  • Play possibilities
    1. Have fun in connecting the engine and the guard’s van as per the colour
    2. Make 5 sets of these pairs
    3. Form matched opposite pairs using the colour reference and self correcting jigs
    4. Arrange all the pairs as per the colours.
    5. Connect the engine and guard’s van with the 8 carriages for a particular colour
    6. Do the same for the other 5 colours
    7. Each train now reveals the classification of the opposite type and this is conveyed on the engine
    8. Play the Opposites game whrein children improve memory, learn the opposites and spellings.


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