Shellbound 1 (39443)


  • Shells are lovely natural objects unmatched in diversity and beauty. They are the exterior skeletons of sea-animals and give protection to them. They can also serve as a rich resource for crafting possibilities. This kit provides (a collection of 6 different ) an assortment  of shells. The shells can be bonded to board cut-outs (also provided in this set). One can use the designs on the box as leads to make a photo frame for three pictures, an ornamental mirror and a collage of three mosaic designs using shells. An incredible variety of decorative utility items from this single ‘Shell-bound’ kit !
  • Your displayed craft will ‘Shell-Shock’ many an admirer.


  1. Board Cut-outs : 7
  2. Mirror (Child-safe) : 1
  3. Adhesive : 2
  4. Display stands : 2
  5. Shells: Assorted
  6. Instruction Manual


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