Senior 15 Modles (39395)


  • You can make a diverse range of models – from a simple handcart to a Crane by following the step by step illustrated manual.
  •  Having completed all the models feel free to give flair to your design skills by creating your very own model from a scratch.
    1. Models which can be made from this Junior Kit:
    2. Handcart
    3. Scooter
    4. Tricycle
    5. Airplane
    6. Dragster
    7. Racer car
    8. Crane
    9. Ship
    10. Roadster
    11. Buggy
    12. 3 Wheeler
    13. Single propellor helicopter
    14. Twin wheeled helicopter
    15. Single propeller plane
    16. Space explorer


Uniqueness of this M’Tek kit:

  • High quality electro-plating
  • Socket head bolts as per international norms on screwdrivers
  • Engineering grade plastic used wherever necessary
  • Actual detailed scale models
  • Illustrated step-by-step instruction manuals
  • Promotes STEM learning


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