Aqua (39423)


  • SAND ART – AQUA  uses coloured sand of a uniform mesh
  • and glue for creating 4 pictures of aquatic panorama.
  • The sand pictures are done on stiff card paper.
  •  The pictures have been especially selected with children in mind.
  • Seven different coloured sand are provided in sachets.
  • Adhesive glue serves to bind the sand on the picture.
  • A funnel and spatula are provided which help in application over very small areas and for firmer fixation.
  • The Sand art pictures can be preserved, presented or displayed for years to come.


  1. Aquatic picture templates: 4
  2. Sand: 7 colours
  3. Adhesive: 1
  4. Funnel: 1
  5. Spatula: 1
  6. Instruction manual


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