Picture Frame (39669)


  • A hobby activity tailor-made to bring the family together. Make this attractive double photo frame which uses decorative elements based on Frozen. The best part about this frame is that you can express your creativity on both sides.
  • Use paper quills to make snowflakes and quilled photo borders followed by a sparkling icy look with sequins and artificial gemstones. Stick cut-outs of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff as props on both the sides of the frame.
  • When the frame is ready insert two pictures of the family .
  • On the 2 oval cut-outs do similar craft activities to get displays of Elsa and Anna. Put them up on the door or as wall hangings.


  1. Double photo frame:  1
  2. Oval shaped cutouts: 2
  3. Character cutouts: 7 (1 sheet)
  4. Paper strips 3mm in 3 colours: 100
  5. Paper quilling too1: 1
  6. Paper quilling instruction: 1
  7. Sequin (4 petalled):  180
  8. Gemstones: 10 pink
  9. Sequins:  blue 1 packet
  10. Card paper (white):  6” X 8”
  11. Adhesive: 1
  12. Double sided tape: 1


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