Object D’art Boxes (39674)


  • The soul sisters and Elsa and Anna have been separated for too long. We want them to be together again in the most befitting manner. With this fabulous creative hobby offering, you can make a pair of trinket boxes – one which belongs to Elsa and the other Anna.
  • So how do these creations do justice to the two ice maiden princesses?
  • Firstly, they are hexagonal in shape – just like the snowflake symmetry of Frozen. The colours of the embellishments provided are stylised for them. The gemstones and sequins give a sparkle and glitter to the boxes. Finally, to top it all – Elsa and Anna are featured on the box tops with shiny sequins around them.
  • As an additional bonus, decorate the hexagonal cut-outs provided in the kit with Anna and Elsa embellishments and put them up as wall décor.


  1. Hexagonal boxes: 2
  2. Hexagonal cutouts: 2
  3. Hexagonal borders: 2
  4. OHP sheets: 2
  5. Assortment of artificial Gemstones: 10 packets
  6. Sequins in 4 assortments: 5 packets
  7. Adhesive: 1
  8. Paper strips 7mm pink and blue: 20
  9. Frozen character cut outs: 4
  10. Snow flake stencils: 4
  11. Instruction manual


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