Masks (39429)


  • This is a great hobby kit for both crafting and paintingactivity .
  • You can mould and paint as many as 8 eye-popping masks using plaster of Paris!
  • After moulding the pieces, choose a striking colour palette for each mask. The designs on the box cover can serve as useful leads or you try out  your very own colour combinations.
  • After painting, the masks models look very striking and eye-catching.
  • Stick the magnets on the back and put them up on the fridge to catch everyone’s attention.


  1. Plaster of Paris powder: 1 sachet
  2. Mask moulds : 8
  3. Paint palette: 7 colours
  4. Paint brush: 1
  5. Flexible Magnet cut-out panel: 1
  6. Adhesive: 1
  7. Instruction Manual


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