Mosaics At Farm (39436)


  • Enjoy a mosaic-al farm visit by creating 5 farm scenarios. Use the number code to stick the pre-gummed coloured mosaic pieces on the four farm picture templates. These include a pig and piglet, the bovine cow, a crowing rooster and grazing horses.
  • More than 2000 mosaic pieces are provided in this kit for this activity. The fifth blank template can then be populated with the left over mosaic pieces for creating any other animal using one’s own imagination.
  • For children, this art form introduces to them concepts of spatial awareness, colour blending, mix and match – a facile method to create simple, but also attractive pictures.


  1. Numbered templates: 4 nos
  2. Plain template: 1
  3. Mosaics in 11 colours – more than 2000 pcs
  4. Mosaics with gold glitter paper  – more than 150 pcs
  5. Twine for stringing the mosaic pictures: 1
  6. Spatula: 1
  7. Instruction manual


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