Junior 10 Models (39390)


  • You can make a diverse range of models – from a simple handcart to a Crane by following the step by step illustrated manual.
  •  Having completed all the models feel free to give flair to your design skills by creating your very own model from a scratch.
  • Models which can be made from this Junior Kit:
    1. Handcart
    2. Scooter
    3. Tricycle
    4. Single propellor helicopter
    5. Twin propellor helicopter
    6. Single propellor plane
    7. Airplane
    8. Dragster
    9. Racer car
    10. Crane


Uniqueness of this M’Tek kit:

  • High quality electro-plating
  • Socket head bolts as per international norms on screwdrivers
  • Engineering grade plastic used wherever necessary
  • Actual detailed scale models
  • Illustrated step-by-step instruction manuals
  • Promotes STEM learning


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