Glass Painted Candle Goblets (39546)


  • Glass goblets have been used since historic times and taken out for special occasions by royal gentry. Three miniature glass goblets are provided in this kit and can be painted with glass colours with the aid of a highlighter. The see-through painted display on the glass surface looks amazing.
  • Melted gel wax is then filled in after inserting the candle wicks.
  • Light them up to celebrate any special occasion and add to the festivity.


  1. Glass Goblets: 3 pieces
  2. Wicks: 3 pieces
  3. Glass Paints: 3 tubes in assorted colours
  4. Paintbrush: 1 piece
  5. Glass 3D-Outliner Paint: 1 tube
  6. Gel wax: 1 Sachet
  7. Instruction Manual


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