Gelwax Candles In Aquaria (39478)


  • Gel wax can transform the look of Candle pots like never before. The merest tint of colour along with glitter can give candle pots an outstanding look. Lit up in a darkened room it gives a new illuminated aura to the room. These gel wax pots serve as excellent souvenirs and mementoes.
  • When a gel candle is made in a glass tumbler the glowing colours come out best from the translucent gel. The gel can be stained with colours derived from crayon scraping.
  • A wide range of colourful and attractive paraphernalia can be embedded in these gel candle because the pots are transparent. Dried flowers, coloured sand, glitter, shells, marbles or beads can be imaginatively used to make these candles look very pretty.
  • The components provided in the kit enable you to make 3 fascinating miniature candles with an aquamarine look.


  1. MIni Glass tumblers: 3 pieces
  2. Gel wax: 1 packet
  3. Wicks
  4. Sand: 4 colours
  5. Shells: 1 assorted packet
  6. Glitter: 1 sachet
  7. Instruction manual


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