Ganesh Galore (39516)


  • This kit enables the child or even the adult into some unique and compelling craft activity with  Lord Ganesha as the theme. Art and Craft activity revolving around Ganesha besides encouraging creativity also stimulates the religious spirit.
  • Ganesha is a popular figure in Indian art. He has the head of an elephant, a big belly, four arms, holds his own broken tusk in his lower-right hand and holds a delicacy, called ‘Modak’ which he samples with his trunk, in his lower-left hand.
  • The square polished glass and glass paints along with outliner tube enable one to make a fabulous display which is even worth framing.
  • Paper quills in diverse hues, a paper quilling tool, corrugated paper and card templates enable one to give Ganesha a 3rd dimension, again worth framing.
  • Origami – the art of paper folding is extended for the first time to make a rich assortment of as many as 7 different Ganeshas. Step by step pictures involving each fold are brought home to the avid Origamist in this wonderful compilation.
  • This is a must-have for Hobby and Ganesha lovers.


  1. Glass plate:  1
  2. Plastic stand:  1
  3. Glass paints:  3 colours
  4. Outliner  tube:  1
  5. Paint brush:  1
  6. Paper quilling strips:  50
  7. Paper quilling tool:  1
  8. Printed template:  1
  9. Blank Template:  1
  10. Grooved paper:  4 Strips
  11. Adhesive:  1
  12. Origami papers:  12
  13. Instruction manual


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