Fridge Magnets Feast (39644)


  • Fruits and Vegetables created by you will now adorn your refrigerator.
  • This kit includes moulds of popular fruits and vegetables in which you can cast plaster of Paris to yield models with very good detailing.
  • Once dry, these can be painted to match the colours of the veggies and fruits.
  • Mount them on the magnet strips using glue and arrange them all over the front door of the fridge.
  • Unlike other ready-made fridge magnets these 15 personalized creations are bound to win you handsome compliments.


  1. Vegetable and fruit moulds: 15
  2. Tempera colours in chain pack: 7
  3. Plaster of Paris: 2 packets
  4. Blunt-edged penknife: 1
  5. Paint brush: 1
  6. Magnet sheet: 1
  7. Adhesive: 1
  8. Instruction manual: 1


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