Finger Painting – 3 (39471)


  • Finger painting is an art form in which one uses fingers instead of a paint brush. It is especially suited for toddlers and very young children. The finger painting book along with the templates serves as an ideal launch-pad for starters.
  • The empty tubs provided can be used for mixing colours and dilution.
  • Getting their hands into the paints, experimenting with colour mixing, learning cause and effect from inside the pot to outside – on the paper is a thrill which is inexpressible.
  • It is an art form of unbelievable depth and satisfaction- the spirit flows to the little finger-tips revealing the  innocence in each painting!


  1.  Non-toxic paints :  5 colours
  2.  Preprinted art paper templates:  12
  3.  Blank art papers:  16
  4.  Tubs for mixing and dilution: 10
  5.  Finger Painting Book


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