Disney Princess – Jewelry Hideout (39675)


  • Have you been looking for an appropriate place to put away your Bling and other ornamental paraphernalia but couldn’t figure out the perfect spot? This Princess Hide-out provides you a sensational make-it-yourself secret niche to express your craftsmanship. Your valuable collections are beautifully stored and at the same time hidden from many an envious eye. It’s just amazing how this unique Princess jewelry box can store so much in four compartments! Make attractive Princess jewelry ornaments and store them in the Hide-out!


  1. Fold able box frame -1
  2. Mount board drawers -4
  3. Box cover-1
  4. Glitter glue tube (silver)-1
  5. Colored beads: 4 packets
  6. Princess Cut-outs: 1 packet
  7. Earring hooks: 1 packet
  8. Jump rings: 1 packet
  9. Bracelet closures: 1 packet
  10. Adhesive glue
  11. Nylon elastic thread
  12. Instruction manual


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