Denim Made Dainty (39518)


Denim as a fabric has a fascinating texture and soft feel. It is a fantastic and trendy medium to create useful items and gifts.

The contents provided in the kit will enable one to make as many as three denim utility items. These include a pencil pouch, a mobile case and you won’t believe it – even a stylish sling bag!

Decide which embellishments will be used to decorate the denim item you want to enhance: buttons, rhinestones, outliners and sequins.

These are some of the most popular, easy to use and inexpensive tools. To cap it up – no sewing is required.

These are great hobby ideas and very popular with teenagers.


  1. Denim fabric: 3 pieces
  2. Fabric glue: 1
  3. Black Velcro: 1
  4. White 3D Outliner tube: 1
  5. Sling – Black cord: 1
  6. Templates  : 4
  7. Buttons (assorted): 1 packet
  8. Sequins (assorted) : 3 packets
  9. Artificial décor: 1 packet
  10. Instruction manual


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