Bag The Gift (39569)


  • ‘Bag the gifts’ or taking the liberty to a higher level ‘Gift the Bags’ is gratifying craft experience where you can carry and gift bags with your personal style and flair.
  • This kit offers you an ideal platform to make some very attractive bags using paper board or even newsprint!
  • Right from shopping bags of different sizes and shapes, wine-bottle bags down to stylised bag tags, the hobbyist in you can use the art and craft medium in many diverse decorative ways.
  • You can make as many as 4-5 bags from this collection and make a statement of your creativity!


  1. Basic Bag frame cut-out: 1
  2. Wine bottle bag frame cut-out: 1
  3. Coloured card: 2 sheets
  4. Handle supports: 2 sheets
  5. Base supports: 4 sheets
  6. Grooved coloured paper: 1 sheet
  7. Square printed paper: 12 sheets
  8. Cord: 1
  9. Ribbon: 1
  10. Paints: 5 colours
  11. Paint brush: 1
  12. Adhesive: 2
  13. Newsprint design paper: 16 sheets
  14. Buttons: 1 packet
  15. Instruction Manual


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