Amazing Animals (39117)

Amazing Animals

  • The puzzles provide appropriate level of challenge for children of 4 years. They help in focusing on the problem at hand and seek the solution. Children understand the concept of trial and error and probe and play. The puzzles provide hands on learning. They provide a foundation stone instilling curiosity to know more. Once solved, they improve self esteem and confidence in the child. Being thematic they improve the child’s knowledge on the subject. Amazing Animals introduces children to the fascinating world of animals.
  • It contains 72 jigsaw puzzle pieces and provides a closer insight to 18 animals as a 4 piece puzzle set.
  • By joining the appropriate 4 jigsaw pieces for each animal, children get to identify the animal, have a close-up view, study their footprints, and their skin/ fur texture.
  • The educational aid unveils fascinating and surprising facts about the animals while enhancing their matching and sorting skills and visual discrimination.
  • The puzzle helps children to understand various aspects of nature/animals and their surroundings, stimulating their interest to explore more.
  • Animal tracking or identifying animal footprints is a science which helps the wild life enthusiast to understand the habitat of the animal.
  • By following the examples offered in the coloured instruction book educational children fit together the puzzle pieces of:
    1. Animals with clawed feet (carnivorous animals) that use their claws to capture and kill their prey such as panther, tiger, cheetah etc.
    2. Animals with hoofed feet (herbivorous animals)and fast runners. These hoofed feet enable them to run/jump fast when they feel threatened by other animals. Examples are zebra, deer, etc.
    3. Large animals who have bigger hooves and strong legs to support their huge weight which include rhino, hippo, elephant etc
    4. Animals with a human like hands (one thumb and four fingers) are able to hold and handle objects and things such as racoon, gorilla,   koala etc.
    5. Animals with fur pattern which helps to camouflage themselves from either prey or predators. These include, giraffe, deer, tiger etc.
    6. Animals with plain fur such as bear, panda etc.
    7. Animals with thick skin acting as a protective coat such rhino and hippo
    8. Animals in the cat family
    9. The educational value of the puzzle offering is greatly enhanced by trying out all these additional play options.
  • Amazing Animals can also be played as an educational fun game between 2-4 players wherein they have to complete the puzzle sets.



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