Amazing Albums (39761)


If you always wanted to keep your photos or documents in your styled albums, this kit fulfills the desire.

Hone in your hobby skills in an innovative way to make three fabulous albums.

These are:

  • Mini Pocket Album
  • Accordion photo-folio
  • Waterfall photo roll-out

All the components needed to make these delightful creations are provided in the kit.

You can use the cut-outs to jazz-up the albums and there is ample scope for Journaling and messages.

The mini pocket album and waterfall roll-out as double-up as greeting cards. The Accordion folio is a great gift idea.


  1. Mount board cut-out: 5
  2. Card pre-scored: 5
  3. Craft card: 21
  4. Pattern paper: 10
  5. Card cut-outs (thematic): 3 sheet
  6. Felt pen: 3
  7. Adhesive glue: 1
  8. Ribbon : 3
  9. Rubberised magnet sheet: 2
  10. Instruction Manual


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