Airwings (39383)


  • To all the aircraft lovers, this release comes as music to their ears. The construction kit will enable them to build amazing, streamlined aircraft in the comfort of their homes.
  • These aircraft are accurately reproduced models of the original flying wonders. There’s enough to challenge even the most creative mind! Right from the simple biplane to model jet aircraft, the child gets a first-hand understanding of the different shapes and dimensions of these flying objects.
  • This exciting aircraft model kit comprises of reusable metal strips, metal connectors, wheels, nuts, bolts and screws to connect the pieces and one can make as many as 6 different aircraft. The detailed instructions to assemble these aircraft are provided in the kit.
  • The aircraft models serve as great dsiplays for aviation enthusiasts.


  1. 157 PARTS
  2. 6 Models


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