Advanced Set (39379)


  • Metal models are a great way for children and adults to learn simple lessons about complex mechanics without even realizing that they’re doing anything more than enjoying themselves.
  • These metal construction sets are made up of various sizes of metal strips, carefully polished to smooth perfection, rounded for no sticky points or sharp edges, and punched with standard sized holes. Since all the holes on the various shapes are uniform, there’s no trouble to be had in securing them to each other using the handy screws, nuts and bolts provided in each set. They are made of durable steel and flexible plastics that are safe for children, teens and adults.
  • The instruction booklet offers picture illustrations telling children how to assemble a variety of functional machines and vehicles. The instructions, largely graphic, allow easy interpretation.
  • Since a child has to figure out the most comfortable way to assemble a complete set the M’tek models they make foster an independence of thought in this construction process.


  1. 230 PARTS
  2. 32 Models


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