Add & Subtract (39125)

Add and Subtract

  • This Educational aid for 4 year olds provides a pictured approach to counting, addition and subtraction. Skills developed serve as stepping stones to problem solving, creative expression, language and grammar.
  • The puzzle set comprises of 35 self-correcting jigsaw puzzle pairs (70 pieces) to complete triangle pictures. An illustrated book is also provided which provides structured learning in basic maths through pictorial representation as opposed to counting with fingers or other aids.
  • Familiar and child-like situations from a see-saw, penguins, sheep or matchbox cars are taken as objects for younger children who are first learning addition and subtraction. Children have a positive association to them and will delightfully respond to pictorial exercises that incorporate them.
  • Sequences in time are provided for each number through picture puzzle representations to communicate basics of addition and subtraction. In these puzzles one starts with an initial number of objects and as the sequence progresses, reveal how they are getting depleted or increased.
  • That Addition and Subtraction are two sides of the same coin, is brought home in a practical hands-on learning platform through these educational jigsaw puzzles.
  • Children can be made to learn only about addition first through the self correcting jigsaw puzzle examples. These are the ones where the jigsaws fit at the top to complete the triangle.
  • This can be followed up by the Subtraction examples, wherein the solution piece fits on the side to complete the triangle.Also the concept of zero is also communicated well through pictures.
  • Besides the pictorial representation, examples can also be solved using only the numbered pieces and the +, – and = notations pieces. These are equivalent to solving the same as exercises in a Math book. One has the option of also creating multiple addition and subtraction examples in this compilation.


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