About Us

Make play time a blast with our finest toys and games!

Our vision at Smile Box 53 is to add value to the lives of our young kids and their parents

Smile Box 53 was founded in 2019. We source toys, stationary, baby accessories and novelty items from around the world. Our products are carefully selected based not only on their superior entertainment value, but also on their ability to educate and develop the essential skills that today’s children require. Most importantly our toys are of the highest quality and completely safe.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to serve our business partners with transparency, honesty and conducting business ethically.

Our commercial proposition makes it a win – win situation for the end user and our business partners.

How do we achieve this? In today’s price sensitive market we ensure to bring in efficiencies and offer quality products that provide value for money, price them at appropriate levels for the consumer and provide optimal margins for retailers.

We have a genuine and sincere desire to contribute towards the cognitive development of growing children and want to promote the cause of limiting a child’s screen time on gadgets

We have toys and games for all age groups, with a special focus on younger children. We cover the entire developmental spectrum including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art.

Our products aid in young children’s cognitive development, learning, creativity, and essential motor skills. Furthermore, these entertaining physical toys give them a break from electronic devices and engages them on a physically interactive level, which is essential in their early development.